"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness." ~William Arthur Ward ~

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Toys for KIPS 2012

16/11/2012 01:24

Recipients: Ismael Primary School and Manobo Matigsalug Tribe

Target Number of Beneficiaries: 150 - 200 kids ages 5 - 12 y.o.

Location: Birada Ekong,Lower Maligue, Isabela City, Basilan 
and Sitio Simsimon, Brgy. Kalagangan, San Fernando, 

Date of Campaign: October 26, 2012 to December 10, 2012

Tentative Date of Distribution/Turn-over: December 17, 2012

Origin and Purpose:
This project is bloomed from the consensus of three groups, SMILE for the Youth, Protectors of Philippine Sovereignty and Organization of Sociology-Anthropology Students of Xavier University. 
Why “Toys for KIPS” ?
Toys symbolize happiness, playfulness of a child and acronym KIPS coming from the words Kids of Ismael Primary School and Kids of Indigenous People of Sitio Simsimon, the Manobo Matigsalug Tribe. Seeing the needs of these children being far away from the developed city, we wanted them to at least feel that we care for them though we differ in religion, beliefs and traditions. Giving emphasis on the children, for we believe that they are the ones being neglected of the rights and benefits of a child. Even in this simple project “Toys for KIPS” we could make them smile and feel that they are important, that they are the core value of our nation and the asset of our future. 
We wanted them to at least feel the spirit of giving and sharing and motivate them to do the same even in simplest way. 
BAYANIHAN again is needed to accomplish this mission for God and country.